Community Development

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Community Development Department

  • For questions about zoning or planning codes, questions about additions, ADUs, JADUs, please call us at 650-616-7074.
  • For questions regarding building codes and questions about the building permit process, please email us or call us at 650-616-7074.
  • Please note that the Code Enforcement staff has been transferred to the Police Department as approved in the City budget effective July 1, 2020. Please contact 650-616-7040 for assistance at the Police Department related to Code Enforcement topics.

Building Division

The Building Division oversees development activities in the City to ensure that construction projects are in compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

Inspections of development projects ensure structural integrity, fire safety, sanitation, disabled access, and energy efficiency of new and existing buildings throughout the community in compliance with approved plans, and local and state building code laws. All permitted building and construction projects require an inspection.

Planning Division

Reviews development plans, use permits, and other planning entitlements, and prepares land use plans focusing on the long-term future growth and development of the City.

Mission Statement

The Community Development Department provides efficient and proactive customer service to enhance the safety and quality of life for all citizens and acts as a catalyst for innovative economic development and public policy development.

The San Bruno Community Development Department is responsible for planning the physical development of the community and ensuring that new development and modifications to existing development are completed in compliance with City and State laws. The Department provides technical information to residents, business owners, developers, and commissions regarding local codes, ordinances, and other related issues.