What’s the timeline for completing RHNA?

The RHNA process is currently underway and will be complete by the end of 2021. Local governments will then have until January 2023 to update their Housing Elements. The proposed timing for the key milestones in the RHNA process is shown below:

RHNA: Key Milestones
Proposed Deadline
Housing Methodology Committee Kick-offOctober 2019
Subregions formFebruary 2020
HCD Regional Housing Needs Determination June 2020
Proposed RHNA methodology, draft subregion sharesFall 2020
Final subregion sharesDecember 2020
Draft RHNA methodology to HCD for review Winter 2021
Final RHNA methodology, draft allocationSpring 2021
RHNA AppealsSummer 2021
Final RHNA allocation End of 2021
Housing Element due dateJanuary 2023

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