City Council Strategic Initiatives

The City Council and individual Councilmembers are often tasked with balancing myriad community needs, concerns, and potential policy directives, and as such the City Council agrees to undertake an annual Strategic Initiatives & Goal Setting Process which is designed to:

1.  Set a basic framework for action within a specific timeframe; supporting City Council in allocating time to accomplish the most important tasks and focus on the most critical issues, with less distraction.

2. Provide clear direction to staff on budgetary guidelines and the City Council’s priorities and initiatives for the upcoming year. This is important because clearly defined goals offer the City Manager and staff a roadmap to meet the expectations of City Council and avoid any conflicting priorities that do not meet the collective vision of the City Council as a whole.

Strategic planning is one of the tools that enable a City Council to define their vision and determine methods for accomplishing short-term and long-term goals. Strategic planning and goal setting will be identified during Study Sessions.

Each year before the budget sessions, the City Council shall hold a Study Session in January to March to review progress on goals previously set, reprioritize existing goals as needed, and define and prioritize new goals and objectives for the City of San Bruno.