Former Redevelopment Agency

The San Bruno Redevelopment Plan was adopted in 1999 to improve commercial residential neighborhoods and to stimulate private investment in the oldest part of the City. The Project Area was a total of 717 acres with two non-contiguous areas. Area A included 700 acres on the east side of the City from El Camino Real and the former U.S. Navy site to the City's eastern boundary, and Area B included 17 acres at the intersection of San Bruno Avenue and Glenview Drive, including the Skycrest shopping center. The Plan sought to capture the development opportunities resulting from transit improvements, including the BART Station and the new Caltrain Station. The Redevelopment Agency ceased operations pursuant to ABx1 26 on February 1, 2012. Major accomplishments of the Redevelopment Project during a little over a decade of operation include:

San Bruno Police Facility

Completed in September 2002, the San Bruno Police facility was built on the site of the San Bruno BART Station, which allowed the Police Department to move from its cramped and obsolete quarters in City Hall.

U.S. Navy Site & Its Environs Specific Plan

In 2002, the Redevelopment Agency prepared a Specific Plan for the 20-acre decommissioned U.S. Naval facility located at northwest corner of El Camino Real and I-380. The Plan resulted in the development of the Crossing, mixed-use master planned development, which is a landmark project that has received national attention as transit-oriented development. The Crossing includes a total of 1,063 multifamily units, including 325 affordable and 228 senior units subsidized by the Redevelopment Agency, a recreation center, retail center, and a vacant site designated for a hotel.

Building Facade Improvement Program

The Facade Program was created in 2003 to improve the physical appearance, stimulate private investment and economic revitalization in downtown San Bruno. The Program provided matching grants to small businesses and commercial property owners to upgrade their building facades. Over 20 storefronts were refurbished through this program, mostly in the downtown on San Mateo Avenue.

Transit Corridors Plan

Work on the Transit Corridors Specific Plan began in October 2008 to guide future public and private improvements along the commercial corridors of El Camino Real, San Mateo Avenue, and San Bruno Avenue surrounding the future San Bruno Avenue Caltrain Station. The Plan will establish design guidelines, development standards, and an implementation strategy to promote higher density mixed use development and encourage pedestrian and bicycle access to regional transit. The Draft Environmental Impact Report is in progress scheduled for release in February or March 2012.

Code Enforcement

The Agency funded enforcement of housing, nuisance, zoning, and sign code violations to ensure that health and safety issues are maintained in residential and commercial districts.

Capital Projects

The Agency funded a variety of capital projects in the Project Area, including El Camino Real Grand Boulevard/Medians Improvements, Transit Corridor Pedestrian Improvements, and oversight of the Caltrain Grade Separation Project.

Downtown Park Improvements

In 2007, the Agency funded improvements to create a temporary pocket park on an Agency owned site at 470 San Mateo Avenue.

Downtown Streetscape & Parking Modifications

The Downtown Streetscape and Parking Modifications project replaced street trees, added 31 on-street parking spaces, improved stormwater drainage, and enhanced the appearance of the street along three blocks of San Mateo Avenue in 2002.