Child Safety

The San Bruno Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit and The San Bruno Crime Prevention Committee Offer the following tips:

Child Safety Tips

  • Teach your child to let a trusted adult know where they will be. Teach your child to walk in pairs.
  • Teach your child not to be afraid to call for help.
  • Teach your child to memorize their full name, address and phone number, including area code, state and zip code.
  • Teach your child to yell "help me" and run away if a stranger touches or grabs them, then immediately tell a parent or trusted adult.
  • Teach your child how to use the telephone, how to make calls to the operator and how to dial emergency numbers, like 911.
  • Teach your child that a stranger is someone they and you do not know well.
  • Teach your child to never enter a stranger's car or home.
  • Teach your child to keep the doors locked and only admit trusted people to their home.
  • Teach your child that they are safer playing and walking with friends.
  • Teach your child to never wander away from you or your yard unless they tell you and receive permission.
  • Teach your child to tell you if something strange or uncomfortable has happened to them.
  • Teach your child to never give information about themselves (including home phone) to anyone except trusted persons.

For more information contact Support Services Officer Scott Rogge at 650-616-7129 or via email.