Bike & Pedestrian Safety

In coordination with the City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, the City is working to establish a bicycle and pedestrian network to promote safety, connectivity, efficiency, and convenience for alternative transportation modes. San Bruno's Walk 'n Bike Plan is a long-range planning document meant to guide the City's decisions about walking and biking for many years into the future. The main guiding objective of the Plan is to make walking and biking in San Bruno safer and easier for both transportation and recreation.

Bicyclist and PedestriansPedestrian Safety & Traffic-Calming Program

The program evaluates the traffic and pedestrian safety concerns, possible alternatives, and implements improvement projects to improve safety and enhance the livability of neighborhoods. Program activities include:

  • Traffic speed and volume studies
  • Speed limit evaluations
  • Education efforts
  • Police enforcement
  • Pedestrian warning systems installation
  • Parking restrictions
  • Parking studies
  • Minor traffic calming projects