Inspection Fees & Forms


The San Bruno Fire Prevention Bureau conducts annual inspections on various building occupancies to help ensure the public's safety. The following information can help provide information about the requirements that need to be met:

Fire Code Fees

Information related to fees for Plan Checks, Pre-Inspections, Inspections, Re-inspections, and Fire Code Permits:

Smoke Alarm Program

Smoke alarms save lives. San Bruno offers a no-cost smoke alarm installation program to residents of the city:

Knox Box

Knox Boxes allow fire department personnel to access your building during emergencies using keys that the owner provides when no one is onsite to provide access. Knox boxes are also useful for elderly persons that may wish for fire department emergency responders to have access in case of medical emergencies. The following is information regarding Knox Boxes:

Business Requirements

This publication answers questions that are commonly asked regarding your business application and ongoing operational needs:

Forms/ Plan Requirements