How do we compare to other cities?

The following chart compares the City’s current water rates to those of other regional agencies for a typical single family home using 6 hundred cubic feet of water per month. This level of use equates to approximately 150 gallons per day. The City’s water rates are currently in the middle range compared to other regional agencies in San Mateo County and are projected to remain in the middle range as many other agencies have adopted or are anticipating rate increases in upcoming years. [Source:  Bartle Wells Associates, San Bruno 2023 Water & Sewer Rate Study]Chart of Typical Single Family Residential Monthly Water Charges

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1. Why increase water rates?
2. When do the rates go into effect?
3. How are these rates calculated?
4. How can I apply for the reduced rate program?
5. How do we compare to other cities?
6. How can I voice my interest in this increase and/or process?
7. How can I submit a written protest on this proposed water rate increase?
8. How does the SFPUC rate increase affect San Bruno's water rates?
9. What water infrastructure projects are included in the 2023-24 budget?