What is it height of this project, and how will it impact my view?

The proposed project includes two mixed-use buildings with a total of 425 condominium dwelling units, an approximately 41,890 square foot high-end grocery store, and 4,000 square feet of commercial space. The proposed buildings range in height from one to five stories with the tallest portions at the maximum of 70 feet in height, with many building portions below this maximum.

The tallest portions of the buildings would be located along the major corridor streets of El Camino Real and San Bruno Avenue W, transitioning to a one- to three-story building along both White Way and Linden Avenues to address the abutting low-density residential neighborhood to the west.

Consistent with the Transit Corridors Plan (TCP), specific items are allowed to exceed the 70-foot maximum height, up to an additional 10 feet. These items include elevator and mechanical equipment enclosures, and parapets to screen the equipment. The buildings are divided into smaller components with articulated building setbacks and stepbacks. The two buildings would be separated by Kains Avenue.

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6. What is it height of this project, and how will it impact my view?
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