How will this impact traffic, deliveries, loading?

A project-specific traffic study was prepared for the project, and reviewed by City staff. The traffic study included an evaluation of AM and PM traffic conditions at 19 intersections near the project site, as well as six nearby freeway segments and six freeway ramps, and concluded that the proposed project would not result in any new or substantially more severe significant environmental effects, including traffic impacts, than those analyzed in the TCP Environmental Impact Report. No project-specific mitigation is required. Additionally, the traffic study concluded that the project would not cause significant increases in traffic volumes (i.e., one % or more of freeway capacity) on any of the study freeway segments.

The traffic study also determined that the project would provide both adequate site access and adequate parking with three driveways accessing the garage in Building A (two on El Camino Real and one on White Way), and two driveways accessing the garage in Building B (one on El Camino Real and one on Kains Avenue).The project would be required to implement project-specific Transportation Demand Management measures. These measures are a combination of services, incentives, facilities, and actions that reduce single-occupant vehicle (SOV) trips to help relieve traffic congestion, parking demand, and air pollution problems. For example, the project would include:

  • A total of 231 long term bicycle parking spaces and 47 short term bicycle parking spaces
  • High-bandwidth internet connections to facilitate telecommuting
  • 2 shower/changing rooms for employees who commute by bicycle or walking
  • A one-time initial transit subsidy in the form of a Clipper Card loaded with a one-month pass for SamTrans and BART/or Caltrain

The proposed plan included:

  • Realigning and widening Kains Avenue to improve access and for fire code requirements;
  • Installing a new signal light at the intersection of Kains Avenue and El Camino Real to improve access and safety into and out of the site and for pedestrians crossing El Camino Real;
  • Extension of the right turn lane from east-bound San Bruno Avenue onto south-bound El Camino Real (pending CalTrans final approval); and,
  • Installing a pedestrian visual and audible warning system that is triggered when vehicles exit the parking garages.

There are proposed areas for loading zones and pull-outs adjacent to the curb around the perimeter of the site as to not block traffic lanes or take up on-street parking spaces.

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