What should I know about starting a new business in San Bruno?
  1. Consult with a planner at the Community Development Counter to ensure that your proposed business is permitted at a particular location. Once you have determined that your business is permitted at a particular location you will need to obtain a business license from the City of San Bruno.
  2. You must pay the fees and obtain permits and/or approvals from Planning, Building, Police and/or any other City department before your business can start. Your business must also comply with all federal, state, county and city laws, ordinances and regulations.
  3. Your business location must be inspected by the necessary city departments before your license is issued and it is open to the general public. In certain circumstances, a prospective business location may not pass the initial inspection which could delay the issuance of your business license.

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4. What should I know about starting a new business in San Bruno?
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