Crestmoor Multi-Use Fields Master Plan Project

The City of San Bruno welcomes you to participate in a process to define the future vision for a new public sports field facility on the former site of Crestmoor High School. The City owned sports facility will be a part of a larger redevelopment of the site that is proposed to include 155 single family homes.

This project will include a large multi-use field area that can be programmed with multiple simultaneous youth soccer games, walking paths, restrooms, and associated parking. We will also explore options to include artificial turf and lighting, which could extend the usability of each field.

To facilitate the design process, the City has engaged the expertise of a landscape architectural services consultant, Callandar Associates, to organize a community engagement process and prepare plans and supporting documents delineating proposed multi-use fields facility improvements at the former Crestmoor High School site.

Image of open space filled with green gas and trees in the background


Community engagement will include outreach efforts, stakeholder meetings, a community pop-up event, an in-person open house event, an online survey, and other public meetings.  

Community Meeting 1 Materials
Community Meeting 2 Materials

Add your voice to the conversation at this important upcoming meeting:

For more information on the adjacent housing development application currently under review by the City of San Bruno Community and Economic Development Department visit In addition, the developer, SummerHill Homes, will also be organizing a workshop.

Crestmoor Current Site Plan with rendering of home parcel and open grass field

Image Above is the Current Site Plan


The community engagement related to the redevelopment of the former high school includes three very distinct processes:

  • Park Master Planning Process
  • Housing development application review process
  • Environmental Review (CEQA) of both the park and proposed housing development

These processes run concurrently and are expected to continue through Spring of 2024. Below is a timeline outlining key dates for these three processes:

Image of bar chart for a community engagement timeline