2101 Sneath Lane

2022 01 13 Prelim Site Plan Engvall



Project Description

The project proposes to develop 118 single family homes and common open spaces across the 21-acre site.  Single-family homes are proposed to be clustered on the site to minimize grading and maintain a landscaped area along areas of the western edge of the site.  Proposed circulation for the site would allow vehicles to enter and exit the development primarily from Sneath Lane.    


The project proposes to demolish the existing structures, golf facilities, parking, and other improvements to build a new 118-lot single family detached home development of new two- and three-story houses.  The applicant intends to create 15% of the homes as onsite below market rate (BMR) units.


It is anticipated that the project will require a Vesting Tentative Map, Planned Unit Permit, Conditional Use Permit, and Architectural Review, in addition to CEQA environmental review and may also require additional planning approvals and permits.  

Land Use/

General Plan: Low Density Residential

Zoning: R-1, Single Family Residential

Planning Approvals

Vesting Tentative Map, Planned Unit Permit, Conditional Use Permit, Architectural Review, CEQA environmental review


2101 Sneath Lane (former Engvall School Site)


Single Family Homes, Recreational Uses


The Planning Division conducted a third completeness review and deemed the application incomplete on February 16, 2022, the applicant has indicated intention of resubmitting an application in May/June 2022.


Nicholas Hamilton, Contract Senior Planner (650) 200-3556 nhamilton@goodcityco.com


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