Sports Classes

The Recreation Division partners with contract instructors to offer adult and youth sports classes. Each season new programs are introduced. Check out our latest activities on our Civic Rec Registration Site.

Euro School of Tennis
Enjoy the benefits of playing tennis with Euro School of Tennis, located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. We offer an array of tennis programs for children and adults.

Mommy Daddy & Me: Searching for the perfect way to introduce your child to the game of tennis? This class offers a fun way to interact with your child, while teaching them the basics of the game! Kids learn in a number of different ways, and when they’re under the age of four, they primarily learn through play. Working with them in an active setting is an important part of both their physical and mental development. During the class, parents and children participate together in fun, age-appropriate activities that will help your little one develop the motor and socialization skills necessary to continue with tennis as they grow. Wear tennis shoes and bring a racquet size 19. Ages 2-4.
Pee Wee: Have fun and learn tennis basics at the same time with our Pee Wee Tennis sessions. Our program offers your small tennis star a fun introduction to the game in a setting that’s perfect for their learning abilities. We use low compression red balls to help your child learn the fundamentals. From strokes and movements to the motor skills they will need to move forward as they grow, we make certain they learn in an environment that works for them. Wear tennis shoes and bring a tennis racquet size 19 or 21. Ages 4-5.   
Mini Aces: If you have a budding athlete, are looking for a great way to keep your kiddo active or interested in having your child learn tennis fundamentals, our Mini Aces program is the perfect solution! Each Mini Aces session is perfect for those with no tennis experience or only mild exposure to the game. We work on hand-eye coordination, movement drills and various strokes. Wear tennis shoes and bring a tennis racquet size 21 or 23. Ages 6-8.
Teen Tennis: Ready to help your children develop a passion for the sport of tennis? Our Teen Tennis Stars program is the perfect way to do just that. Designed for ages 9–14 with little or no tennis experience, we focus on having fun with the game while learning the fundamentals. By session’s end, they will be skilled at hitting the ball with consistency, allowing them to enjoy a quick game with you or any player. Wear tennis shoes and bring a tennis racquet size 25 or 27. Ages 9-14.
Adult Tennis: A common question for many new players is where to begin with lessons and classes, and the United States Tennis Association (USTA) offers ratings for courses to help you decide what might be right for you. This course is rated a 2.5–3.0, which means after the course, you’ll be able to judge where the ball is going and you’ll be able to tackle a short rally with players that have the same basic ability. Ages 15+
Skyhawks Sports
Skyhawks is the country's leader in providing a safe, fun, and skill-based sports experience for kids.
 Cheerleading: Skyhawks cheerleading teaches kids self-confidence through hand, body and dance movements in a fun, spirited session! All health and safety protocols will be followed including masks for coaches, social distancing (no group cheers), and temperature checks. Individual pom poms provided. Ages 4-7.

Soccer Drills: Engage in fun individual soccer drills to improve your fine motor skills and progress in your knowledge of soccer. Training sessions held in a fun and safe environment following the latest health and safety protocols. No scrimmages or games due to current county health orders, and no shared equipment. All coaches wear masks at all times. Participants must wear a mask unless otherwise allowed by current health rules or in a stable social cohort. Individual soccer ball provided to all participants to keep everyone safe and having fun! Ages 4-7.