Community Outreach

San Mateo Avenue Streetscape Plan Community Outreach eventOne of the most striking and valuable assets of San Mateo Avenue is the diverse community that is served by businesses along the corridor. Through civic engagement, the City will learn the needs of business owners and regular visitors and will develop a plan that seeks broad buy-in from community members and stakeholders who will need to champion the project. The following number of meetings will be conducted spread across the entire project timeline to ensure thorough community participation and feedback:

  • Community Walk-shop
  • Online Survey
  • Drop-in Community Workshop
  • Traditional Public Meeting
  • Stakeholder Meetings
  • Planning Commission and City Council Meetings

Past Community Events

  1. Community Meeting 3
  2. Planning Commission Study Session
  3. Drop-in Community Workshop 2
  4. 'Walk'shop - Community Workshop 1

On Wednesday, May 22, 2019, a community meeting was held at the Senior Center offering the public to give their input regarding the conceptual ideas of the San Mateo Avenue Streetscape Plan. Wednesday evening's meeting commenced with introductory comments, describing actions and progress of up to date drafts and actions by the consultant team (WRT) by Darcy Smith, City of San Bruno's Community and Economic Development Director. Also, in attendance were Rucha Dande, Project Manager/Associate Planner, and David Wong, Engineer in the Public Works Department.

A comprehensive report of all the opportunities and meetings was given that citizens could express their ideas regarding various improvements. He narrated a PowerPoint slide show of photos, maps and photo simulations of the conceptual designs that was created from community input and WRT's expertise. Mayor Rico Medina, Councilman Marty Medina, Police Chief Ed Barberini, Park and Recreation Commissioner David Nigel, Planning Commissioner Mary Lou Johnson were in attendance and heard all the questions from the audience and responses by the Architect.

At the end of the presentation, community members were given time to look at the displayed boards to take a closer look and provide input, if any. Comments and ideas were heard by the architects and city staff. These inputs will be incorporated into the draft Streetscape Plan prior to presenting the report to the City of San Bruno Planning Commission and the City Council in Summer 2019.

View the complete Community Meeting 3 Streetscape Plan Presentation (PDF).