YouTube Phase 1 Office Development

YouTube Phase 1 Office Development
Type of InformationDetails
DescriptionYouTube, the applicant and owner of the Phase I Development area, proposes to retain the two existing office buildings on the Phase I Site and construct two new buildings with 440,000 square feet of additional office space. A maximum of three levels of subgrade parking would be provided at both parcels. Additional improvements and items include: (1) the construction of an off-street multi-modal transportation hub on an access way located between Grundy Lane and Bayhill Drive, on the west side of the parcel containing 950 Elm Street; (2) the realignment of Grundy Lane from Cherry Avenue to Elm Avenue; (3) the abandonment of northern portion of Elm Avenue located directly to the north of the realigned Grundy Lane; (4) the demolition of three existing buildings located at 1150–1250 Bayhill Drive to provide a construction staging and parking area during construction of the Phase I Development; and (5) a Development Agreement requested as part of the Phase I planning entitlements.
Land UseGeneral Plan Land Use Designation: Regional Office Proposed Land Use Designation: Bayhill Regional Office Current Zoning: Planned Development Proposed Zoning: Bayhill Regional Office
Planning ApprovalsGeneral Plan Amendment and Zoning District Map Amendment (As part of Bayhill Specific Plan), Architectural Review Permit, Phased Vesting Tentative Map.
LocationGeneral Plan Amendment and Zoning District Map Amendment (As part of Bayhill Specific Plan), Architectural Review Permit, Phased Vesting Tentative Map.
TypeOffice Development and Permitted Ancillary Uses

On September 28, 2021, the City Council granted the following approvals associated with Google/YouTube's Phase 1 Development:

  1. Adopted Resolution Number 2021-79 approving a Phased Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map with Lot Line Adjustments, realignment of Grundy Lane involving vacation of current public roadway and utility easements and dedication of new roadway right-of-way in fee and grating of new utility easements, and vacation of a portion of El Avenue, as shown on the Map for Google LLC's property in the Bayhill are of the City.
  2. Waived the first reading and introduced Ordinance Number 1905 approving a Development Agreement between the City of San Bruno and Google LLC, A California Limited Liability Company. (The City Council formally adopted Ordinance Number 1905 on October 12, 2021.
  3. Adopted Resolution Number 2021-80 approving an Architectural Review Permit for Phase 1 of Google LLC's development plans.
  4. Adopted Resolution Number 2021-81 authorizing various curb marking changes along frontages of 900 Cherry Avenue and 1000 Cherry Avenue.
Planner Matt Neuebaumer, Associate Planner | 650-616-7042 |
DeveloperGoogle LLC

Bayhill Specific Plan Information

For additional information about the Bayhill Specific Plan, please see:

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YouTube Phase 1 Informational Documents

Grundy Lane Realignment

The existing Grundy Lane will be realigned and straightened as part of the YouTube Phase 1 Office Development. A temporary cul-de-sac will be constructed at the middle portion of Grundy Lane to maintain pedestrian and vehicular access to 1250 Grundy Lane (San Francisco Police Credit Union) and 1100 Grundy Lane (office building) during construction. Grundy Lane will reopened in the straightened alignment after the completion of construction.

Detour signage and traffic control measures will be in place. Please drive cautiously when near the construction zone.

220411 Grundy Lane Closure Dates - dpw_001

West Grundy Lane

The western portion of Grundy Lane is anticipated to be closed from Spring 2022 to Summer 2025 for the construction of the new office buildings and realignment of the roadway.70

East Grundy Lane

At the eastern end of Grundy Lane, the existing roadway will remain open to traffic while the new, realigned roadway is being constructed. Phased traffic control will be implemented to reconstruct the portion of Grundy Lane (east) where the existing and new roadway overlap. This work is anticipated to occur between Winter 2022 to Summer 2023.

If you would like to report an issue or learn more please contact:

Timothy Bramer, City Project

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Chris Bonderer, Construction Manager 683-2766