YouTube 1400 & 1450 Bayhill Drive (901 Cherry Phase II)

Type of InformationDetails
DescriptionThe project includes the development of two new office buildings, one 170,885 square foot building at the eastern portion of the lot (Building 2) and a 116,000 square foot building at the western portion of the lot (Building 3) (Phase 2 Development). Building 1 at 901 Cherry Avenue totaling 175,000 square feet was completed in approximately 1997 as the Gap headquarters (Phase 1 Development). The proposed buildings are three stories in height, with a multi-level underground parking garage below Building 3. This project was originally approved in 1999. An existing Development Agreement with the City originally adopted by the City of San Bruno in 1996 and modified with a First Amendment in 1999 authorizes the construction of 287,000 square feet of office space consistent with the approved entitlements in the Development Agreement. The property owner has the right to develop this project as entitled under the Development Agreement, which expires in February 2021. 

The project developer (Google LLC) is seeking approval of a Second Amendment to the Development Agreement for the property at 901 Cherry Avenue and 1400 and 1450 Bayhill Drive. The Second Amendment would extend the term and expiration date of the original Development Agreement, arrange for payment of the Public Benefit Payment and certain fees, facilitate development of the revised Phase 2 Project, and establish an alternative vested rights determination for the revised Phase 2 Project.
Land UseGeneral Plan Land Use Designation: Regional Office Zoning: Planned Development
Planning ApprovalsArchitectural Review Permit, Planned Development Permit amendment and Development Agreement amendment, originally approved by the City Council in 1999. 

Second Amendment to Development Agreement
The Planning Commission will consider adopting a resolution recommending approval of the Second Amendment to the Development Agreement to the City Council on October 20, 2020. The Second Amendment will then be considered by the City Council at the next available meeting.
LocationVacant site at 1400 and 1450 Bayhill Drive (behind 901 Cherry Drive)
TypeOffice Development and Permitted Ancillary Uses
StatusConstruction activities are underway and are expected to be completed by Summer 2023.
Planner Matt Neuebaumer, Senior Planner | 650-616-7042 |
DeveloperGoogle LLC

October 20, 2020 Planning Commission Meeting

The Planning Commission adopted a resolution recommending that the City Council approve the Second Amendment to the Development Agreement at the October 20, 2020 public hearing. The City Council will receive the Commission's recommendations at the next available public meeting (tentatively scheduled for November 10, 2020) and hold a public hearing to waive the first reading and introduce an Ordinance to approve the Amendment to the Development Agreement. The meeting material can be found in the following documents: