Surplus Lands

Notice of Availability of Surplus Land

Admiral Court Surplus Land Informational Webinar

The City of San Bruno hosted a Zoom webinar on December 22, 2020 to provide background information regarding the Admiral Court surplus land site. For more information about the webinar or its follow-up, please visit the following links:

The following questions were received concerning the surplus lands:

  1. Understood from the presentation that there is preference from Council to obtain ongoing revenue stream from the hotel and car dealership proposals, is Council in support of an affordable housing development at this particular site?
    Answer: Council is in support of any affordable housing development in the City.
  2. During the presentation, it was mentioned that there are other parking lot sites that may be available for future affordable housing development, where are they?
    Answer: There are several City-owned properties that are currently been used as parking lots in the downtown area. When these properties become available, the City will publish the Notice of Availability to affordable housing developers with more details.
  3. Will you make the PowerPoint available?
    Answer: Yes, please see the link above.

Admiral Court Surplus Land

On December 8, 2020, the City of San Bruno City Council declared property it owns on Admiral Court within the Crossing Development as surplus land. Pursuant to California Government Code Section 54220, the City of San Bruno hereby provides notice that 1.5 acres of vacant land will be sold as surplus property, described in the table below.

In the event your agency or organization has questions or is interested in purchasing the property described below, you must notify the City in writing within sixty (60) days of the date of this notice (5 pm on February 8, 2021) by mailing or emailing to the following contact:

Pamela Wu, Acting Community and Economic Development Director City of San Bruno Community and Economic Development Department; Address: 567 El Camino Real, San Bruno, CA 94066; Phone: 650-616-7053; Email

For additional information please see the following links:

Table: Properties Declared as Surplus Land

Property Description
Development Challenges
Minimum Sales Price


Admiral Court

Combined acreage of 1.5 acre

P-D Planned Development

Vacant parcel previously entitled as a 152-room hotel within the Crossing Development

TBD by buyer's due diligence

Not less than the appraised fair market value at time of sale


Admiral Court

P-D Planned Development

TBD by buyer's due diligence

Not less than the appraised fair market value at time of sale

Aerial Map of the Property

Subject Site

Parcel Map of the Listed Property

Parcel Map