San Bruno Cable is very excited about our new Online Content Services ....
You may already be making payments online, but now you can watch programs such as the Olympics on your computer or mobile device!

This brief video will give you step by step instructions on what you need to do so you can watch the Olympics wherever you go with a fast internet connection!

On San Bruno Cable's website, click on the Sign up for access to Online Content Link. If you have yet to create a Cable Anytime account, click on the red "register" button and fill in the blanks to activate your account.

If you already have an activated account, you will need to change your sign-in information from a phone number and pin code to an email address and password.

How to Watch the Olympics ANYWHERE!

Team USAOnce you have an activated account with email and password on San Bruno Cable's website, go to your preferred app store. Type "NBC Mobile" into the search box. Download the NBC Mobile app onto your mobile device and follow the prompts or go to and click on the big red button called "Click Here and Get Ready." (Available to all San Bruno Cable expanded basic subscibers) Follow the prompts using the email and password that you used to activate your Cable Anytime account. And boom! You are watching the Olympics!  

This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for future applications for your Cable Anytime account! Many more special events, premium channels, and other programming will soon be available to you on your mobile device through San Bruno Cable's "Cable Anytime."

For additional information about these products and services, call 616-3100.   NBC Olympics
(Available to all Internet subscribers)    (Available to all registered expanded basic subscibers)

Click on the logos to go directly to their Online Content Servers! NBC Olympics Olympics