BASIC CABLE SERVICE: (see listings)
$18.75 Limited (Channels 2-26)
$60.82 Expanded (Channels 2-99)
$81.36 DIGISTAR (Channels 2-199)
$14.33 Low Income Rate - Limited Service (Channels 2-26)
$56.40 Low Income Rate - Expanded Service (Channels 2-99)
(NOTE: All pricing includes 5% Franchise Fee and .19 copyright fee)
$44.50 Stellar Pack - Limited plus One Premium with Encore
$53.85 Stellar 2 Pack - Limited plus Two Premiums with Encore
$66.56 Stellar 3 Pack - Limited plus Three Premiums with Encore
$77.58 Stellar 4 Pack - Limited plus Four Premiums with Encore
$86.91 Stellar Galaxy Pack - Limited plus All Six Premiums
$76.91 Star Pack - Expanded plus One Premium with Encore
$79.85 Star 2 Pack - Expanded plus Two Premiums with Encore
$90.13 Star 3 Pack - Expanded plus Three Premiums with Encore
$104.83 Star 4 Pack - Expanded plus Four Premiums with Encore
$115.82 Star Galaxy Pack - Expanded plus All Six Premiums
$85.77 Encore Pack DigiStar plus Encore Multiplex.
$100.46 Super Nova 1 Pack DigiStar plus Encore and One (1) Premium Service
$109.29 Super Nova 2 Pack DigiStar plus Encore and Two (2) Premium Services
$119.59 Super Nova 3 Pack DigiStar plus Encore and Three (3) Premium Services
$128.41 Super Galaxy Pack DigiStar and all Six (6) Premium Services
$15.70 Canales Pack Over 40 channels of top television entertainment for our Spanish-speaking customers includes: Discovery Familia, Fox Sports Espanol, Cinelatino, CNN Espanol, GolTV, Latele Novela and History Espanol.
$ 8.35


HD Box / Card Fee (includes 40+ HD channels) Broadcast channels: KTVU, KNTV, KPIX, KGO, KQED, KQED Encore, KQED World, KQED Life, KQED Kids (available to HDTV subscribers). Premium HD: HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Movie Channel and Starz (available to premium movie package subscribers).
$ 6.25 HD Plus includes Discovery Theatre, NatGeo, HD Net, HD Movies, Universal and MHD (must subscribe to HD Box).
$12.15 HD / DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
Now available from San Bruno Cable is a converter with two Digital Video Recorders. The box enables the subscriber to watch a live or prerecorded program while recording another! Available for customers with Digistar Basic Service or HD service. Includes 50 HD basic channels.
$ 7.30 Standard DVR Record two programs at once! Available with any level of video service.
$13.60 ART (Arabic)
$15.70 CANALES PACK (Spanish)
$10.45 TV 5 (French)
$12.55 GMA Pinoy TV (Filipino)
$12.55 TFC (Filipino)
$20.95 TFC & GMA Pinoy TV (Filipino)
$10.45 GMA Life (Filipino)
$20.95 GMA & GMA Life (Filipino)
$30.40 GMA, GMA Life & TFC (Filipino)
$10.45 RAI (Italian)
$13.60 MBC (Korean)
$10.45 RAI (Italian)
$15.70 RTN (Russian)
$13.60 Channnel 1 (Russian)
$7.30 Impact TV (Russian)
$24.10 RTN, Ch. 1 & Impact TV (Russian)
$15.70 SBN (Vietnamese)
$26.20 TV Japan (Japanese)
$12.55 CCTV-4 (Chinese)
$12.55 Zhong Tian (Chinese)
$20.95 Zhong Tian & CCTV-4 (Chinese)
$10.45 Phoenix North America (Chinese)
$10.45 Phoenix Info (Chinese)
$15.75 Phoenix Package (Chinese)
$15.70 TV Asia (Hindi/South Asian)
$15.70 Zee TV (Hindi)
$26.24 Zee TV & TV Asia (Hindi)
$15.70 Sony TV (Hindi)
$26.24 Zee TV & Sony TV (Hindi)
$31.49 Zee TV, TV Asia & Sony TV (Hindi)
$10.50 Star India (Hindi)
$12.60 Star India Plus (Hindi)
$10.50 Star India Gold (Hindi)
$23.10 Star, Plus & Gold Package (Hindi)
$34.64 Zee TV, TV Asia & Star India (Hindi)
$41.99 Zee TV, Sony TV, TV Asia & 3 Star Channels (Hindi)

Prices subject to change. In the event of a discrepancy between this page and actual fees, the City Council approved master fee schedule will prevail. Call 650-616-3100 for current rates.