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Get rid of your slow dial-up connection and log on to our always-on, high-speed cable Internet service for faster downloads and online gaming! We are offering a high speed alternative to DSL and dial-up with proven reliability.

Take advantage of our Internet Offer:
Standard monthly rate of only $53.80

FREE installation & FREE use of modem* with cable TV service

Maximum rate of 5 Mbps up and maximum up to 50 Mbps down. Other levels of service available. Certain restrictions may apply. Note: Monthly bandwidth usage allowances. Level 1 - 500 GB, DS 3 Levels - 500 GB, 25 cent charge per GB over allowed bandwidth will be applied to billing statement.

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24/7 Internet Technical Support
If you are experiencing problems related to your internet service, please contact us at:

Internet and Digital Phone Support Number: 1-877-646-6407
Internet Support Email: helpdesk@24hoursupport.com
Internet Support Site: www.24hoursupport.com

*The Cable modem is not a wireless device.  A wireless router or access point is required to provide wireless service to your network.  Network configuration and maintenance is the responsibility of the user.  Consult your wireless device manual for installation instructions.   It is strongly recommended that the wireless device be secure.  This can be done by password protecting the device to prevent unauthorized use on your network.