High-Speed Internet ServiceHigh Speed Internet
Get rid of your slow dial-up connection and log on to our always-on, high-speed cable Internet service for faster downloads and online gaming! At $41.95 a month, we are offering a high speed alternative to DSL and dial-up with proven reliability.

Take advantage of our Internet Offer:
Standard monthly rate of only $41.95

FREE installation & FREE use of modem with cable TV service

Maximum rate of 3 Mbps up and maximum up to 16 Mbps down. Other levels of service available. Certain restrictions may apply. Note: Monthly bandwidth usage allowances. Level 1 - 350 GB, DS 3 Levels - 500 GB, 25 cent charge per GB over allowed bandwidth will be applied to billing statement.

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24/7 Internet Technical Support
If you are experiencing problems related to your internet service, please contact us at:

Internet and Digital Phone Support Number: 1-877-646-6407
Internet Support Email: helpdesk@24hoursupport.com
Internet Support Site: www.24hoursupport.com