KOFY TV-20 is back - Standard Definition on Channel 13 and Hi-Def on 345! Plus MeTV (SD) 346

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.24 broadcast & local

.120 digital cable channels
.65 HD channels
.38 digital music channels
.Interactive guide
.Video on demand
.PPV Movies on Demand


.Download up to 50 Mbps*
.Up to 5 Mbps upload
.5 email addresses
.Static IPs available
.4 levels of service
.24/7 tech support


.Unlimited local calling
.Unlimited long distance in US
.Unlimited to 20+ In-Plan
.International Countries
.Low rates to other
.Extensive list of calling

*The Cable modem is not a wireless device.  A wireless router or access point is required to provide wireless service to your network.  Network configuration and maintenance is the responsibility of the user.  Consult your wireless device manual for installation instructions.   It is strongly recommended that the wireless device be secure.  This can be done by password protecting the device to prevent unauthorized use on your network.