DigistarDemoDigital TV Service has some amazing features! With our digital converter and multi-function remote control you can experience a whole new way of viewing television. The interactive search functions allow you to search for movies, sports and other programming by time, day, date or even by title! Then just set up a reminder message to watch it later.

. Pay Per View has never been easier! You can search through the listings by simply clicking on the Pay Per View selection, verify the price, and click to accept it. Then you can set a reminder message and have your television flash a message five minutes before the show.

. Can't remember who directed or starred in this movie or what teams are playing? Just click on "info" to get a description.

. If you really don't want to surf through all your channels, you can set up "favorites" so you can quickly switch to your favorite channels.

. The DMX programming offers you 38 channels of digital music. If you want information on the current song, just click on "info", and the artist and title information appears.

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