San Bruno Municipal Cable TV
Notification Regarding
CPNI Policy

This CPNI Policy applies to the customer proprietary network information (“CPNI”) of subscribers to the City of San Bruno’s (“San Bruno Municipal Cable TV,” “SBMCTV,” we,” “us”) Voice over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) services.

1. Introduction
CPNI. Customer proprietary network information, or CPNI, is information about the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location, and amount of your use of SBMCTV’s VoIP services; and information contained on your bills related to the SBMCTV’s VoIP services that you receive.

CPNI does not include your name, address, and telephone number, because federal law classifies that information as “subscriber list information” which is not subject to the protections applicable to CPNI. However, that information may be subject to protection as personally identifiable information under SBMCTV’s Subscriber Privacy Notice. Please see SBMCTV’s Subscriber Privacy Notice for more information.

Federal Law. 47 U.S.C. § 222 provides privacy protections for certain information related to SBMCTV’s VoIP services. This CPNI Policy describes what CPNI we obtain, how we protect it, and how it may be used.

Your Rights. Customers of SBMCTV’s VoIP services have the right, and SBMCTV has a duty under federal law to protect the confidentiality of CPNI. SBMCTV will also honor any restrictions applied by state law, to the extent applicable.

2. Use, Disclosure and Access to CPNI
47 U.S.C. § 222 and FCC regulations authorize us to use, disclose, or permit access to CPNI without your approval for the purposes of:
• Initiating, rendering, billing, and collecting for your SBMCTV VoIP services;
• Marketing SBMCTV’s VoIP service offerings to you;
• The provision of inside wiring installation, maintenance, and repair services.
• To market adjunct-to-basic services such as speed dialing, computer-provided directory assistance, call monitoring, call tracing, call blocking, call return, repeat dialing, call tracking, call waiting, caller ID, and call forwarding.
• To provide any inbound telemarketing, referral, or administrative services to you for the duration of the call, if such call was initiated by you and you approve of the use of such information to provide such service.  
• To protect our rights or property, or to protect users of our services and other carriers from fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful use of, or subscription to, such services.
Federal law and FCC regulations prohibit us from using CPNI for any purposes other than those listed above except as explained in Sections 4 and 5 below, at your affirmative written request, or as permitted or required by law.

3. Marketing of Communications-Related Services
SBMCTV may use your CPNI and disclose to and allow access to your CPNI by its agents and any affiliates that provide communications-related services to market communications-related services (such as Internet services and services related to the provision or maintenance of customer premises equipment) to you unless you contact us to deny or restrict your approval. IF SBMCTV DOES NOT HEAR FROM YOU WITHIN 30 DAYS AFTER PROVIDING YOU THIS NOTIFICATION, SBMCTV WILL ASSUME THAT YOU APPROVE OUR USE OF YOUR CPNI TO MARKET COMMUNICATIONS-RELATED SERVICES. IF YOU APPROVE, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE ANY ACTION. Please note that you may deny or restrict your approval at any time as provided in Section 6 below.

4. Other services
SBMCTV also offers other services that are not related to the VoIP services to which you subscribe. Under the FCC’s CPNI regulations, some of those services, such as SBMCTV’s cable television services, are considered to be non-communications related products and services. Occasionally, you may be asked by SBMCTV or one of its agents during a call regarding your VoIP services for your oral consent to SBMCTV’s use of your CPNI for the purpose of providing you with an offer for non-communications related products and services. If you provide your oral consent for SBMCTV to do so, SBMCTV may use your CPNI only for the duration of that call in order to offer you additional services.

5. To Grant, or to Deny or Restrict Approval, of Use, Disclosure and Access to CPNI
You may grant us approval to use, disclose and access your CPNI, or may deny or restrict your approval at any time. To do so, please see our contact information in Section 9 below. Any approval or denial of approval for the use of your CPNI outside of the service to which you already subscribe is valid until you affirmatively revoke or limit such approval or denial. A denial of approval will not affect the provision of any services to which you subscribe, but with your approval, SBMCTV and its agents and affiliates can use your CPNI to offer you additional products and services that will better serve your needs, or package deals or special promotions that may save you money. You do not have to take any action if you have previously contacted us in response to a CPNI notification and denied use of your CPNI for the purposes described above.

6. Requests for CPNI.
If you request a copy of your CPNI in writing and we reasonably believe the request is valid, we will disclose the relevant information we have to you, or to any person designated by you, in accordance with federal law. However, subscribers to our VoIP services should be aware that we generally do not provide them with records of any inbound or outbound calls or other records that we don’t furnish in the ordinary course of business (for example, as part of a bill) or which are available only from our archives without valid legal process such as a court order.

In addition, we cannot correct any errors in customer names, addresses, or telephone numbers appearing in, or omitted from, directory lists until the next available publication of those directory lists. Further, we may have no control over information appearing in the directory lists or directory assistance services of directory publishers or directory assistance providers which are not owned by us. SBMCTV reserves the right to charge you for the cost of retrieving and photocopying any documents that you request.

7. Emails from SBMCTV
If you approve orally or in writing, SBMCTV will, from time to time, send you email notices regarding SBMCTV’s VoIP services and CPNI. You can opt out of receiving the emails that SBMCTV sends by following the instructions contained in the emails or by going to and following the directions there. By going to this website and accessing your account, you may also request that SBMCTV provide such emails to you.

8. Changes to this CPNI Policy
SBMCTV reserves the right to modify this CPNI Policy at any time, subject to applicable law. We will notify you of any material changes through written, electronic, or other means and as otherwise permitted by law.

9. Contact Information
If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this CPNI Policy, or wish to contact us about your CPNI, please reach us as follows:

Telephone: (866) 668-0165 Email:

You may write to us at:   San Bruno Municipal Cable TV 398 El Camino Real San Bruno, CA 94066

If you have online access to your VoIP services account with SBMCTV and wish to grant approval to use, disclosure and access to your CPNI, or to deny or restrict your approval, you may also go to, access your account and follow the instructions there.  For general knowledge about SBMCTV’s services, try our website at